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Limex Microphones Bass Midi Full Midi MC11 Controller Touch Display


Midi – Microphones – Sound – Wireless


LIMEX  is an Austrian Electronics company specialising in Midi and sound systems for the Accordion. They started in 1987 and were the first to develop the use of magnetic contacts in accordion midi systems. They are committed to the ongoing development of their midi and sound systems, to meet the demands of their customers.

In September 2010 they launched their latest Midi system - Midi Professional 4 (MPR4) with a new faster processor and development ideas for the next 10 years. With this system all new features/developments/updates will be available free to MPR4 customers via Internet download.

Midi system MPR4 is for piano, button and diatonic accordions

Installations are carried out in Troon, Scotland

All systems have 1 cable from the accordion, carrying midi, microphones and soundboard output (if fitted inside accordion)






High speed magnetic sensors
Bellows sensor
Key velocity
32 parts.... 16 for accordion 16 for style arranger/midi file player
PC patch Editor via USB
6 Dynamic velocity curves
 DUET function....Play melody (top note) with one instrument and counter melody (bottom note) with another instrument
Drum sounds when using LIMEX soundboard can be assigned to bass and chords.
Guitar sampled chords when using LIMEX soundboard.
Auto transpose ...Always play in the correct key range




STYLE ARRANGER Auto accompaniment, drum rhythms
MIDI FILE AND MP3 PLAYER Backing tracks, background music
  TOUCH CONTROLLER Fitted on treble grill for fast access to part/channel volumes and functions, style, Midi file and Mp3 start/stop and fills.

Needed for style arranger and midi file player.


Fitted on top of accordion. Select and display midi functions.

Displays song lyrics

SD card to store Midi files, MP3’s and Styles.

Mini SD card to store microphone settings


MICROPHONES BASS MICS 3 Microphones. Output mono - centre mixed
TREBLE MICS 10 Microphones. Output stereo. Highly resistant to feedback
VOCAL MIC (Optional)  Plugs into mic controller OR mini jack can be fitted



Sits on top of grill. Controls volume, reverb, echo, EQ and effects.

Auto mode for effects i.e. when midi is playing, effects are activated for vocal mike. ..singing mode. When no midi, vocal mike is without effects…talking mode



Can be fitted inside accordion

BASS MIDI BOARD Bass, piano, strings, guitar and others. Also drums and guitar samples
SCOTTISH SOUNDBOARD Full GM midi board  PLUS Scottish samples to be developed over next year or so to suit Scottish accordionists.
GERMAN AND SWISS SOUNDBOARDS See LIMEX website for more details
SOUNDBOARD HOUSINGS 7 audio outputs and 8 audio inputs.

1/2 rack size

Connects directly to LIMEX midi/mic's with one cable for quick set up




3rd Generation of Midi and Audio wireless system

Highest transmission quality and reliability

True Diversity (863 - 865 MHz)

If using a LIMEX soundboard, it MUST be fitted inside receiver.




Battery powered amp 2x100w Amp(LX100A)

Passive speaker (LX100P).

2-way, 100-watt active loudspeaker,

2 x 100-watt amplifier,

5 channel mixer,

Multi-effect unit,

3-band master equalizer,

Rechargeable battery package,

MIDI-in, MIDI-out,

LIMEX instrument-in, powers the LIMEX midi & microphones


AC 100 - 240V power supply



For use with....


Other midi systems


Registrations (sound programs), Midi file & MP3 player, style arranger, space for 3 LIMEX soundboards and onboard effects.

Swell pedal, 3 footswitches, 4 midi-ports, MAIN OUT L+R, AUX OUT L+R and phones.

Each registration has 4 scenes, where different instruments/volumes can be set and easily move from one to another.

Displays song lyrics (coming soon)

Duet and auto-transpose functions available.

Plug-In' feature to enable new developments/features to be added FREE via internet download. Up to 8 plugs available for every part, e.g. send midi parameters, auto transpose and more.